The five traits are listed as scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship and character.

Let’s take a look at what they say.

Scholarship: Scholarship is defined by a commitment to learning. They charge the student to continue learning throughout their life even when formal education is ended. “Learning furnishes the lamp by which we read the past, and the light which illuminates the future.” Rather than grades, the focus is on diligence and effort to keep up the learning activity.

Service: Service is defined by everyday willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without reward or recognition. The organization encourages young people to volunteer their time and abilities to help others.

Leadership: Leadership for a positive outcome is encouraged in the members.  “The price of leadership is sacrifice-the willingness to yield one’s personal interests for the interest of others.” Leaders go forward with confidence when others hesitate or are afraid. They use their initiative to train and aid others to move onward in action.

Citizenship: The members are called to be good citizens of our society and country. They are encouraged to follow the laws and democratic ideals given to us by our founders. Protecting freedom and rights and preventing injustice are high standards that this society of children are called to honor.

Character: This is my favorite because it encourages individuality and self-respect. “Character is achieved and not received.” The children are called to be in constant action to make good choices and maintain self-control, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship.